Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lights, trains, and more!

We decided to have a little sibling Christmas party with the Erickson Clan. We rode the train down to SLC my nephew Mason was so excited. Then we went to the gateway and had dinner. After dinner we went to temple square and looked at the lights and then headed back to Ty and Cap's house for some yummy dessert that she made and to exchange gifts. It was so much fun and hopefully we can make this a tradition. Seriously there is never a dull moment when you get us all together.  When we were going to get on the train we all piled in the elevator and stood inside it for a good amount of time before we realized that no one pushed the button!

Matt, Cami, and Mason on the train

As Jason says "good thing you wore your train hat!"

so pretty

cute Bella opening her present 

The boys and there gifts

The girls and there gifts

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Bingo

This is one of my Favorite Traditions. every year we get together and play Christmas bingo for prizes there are a variety of prizes from funny shirts to money. I scored this year since I won black out! This year we made Gingerbread houses and it was a lot of fun. Each couple made one, well Austin and Clint had to do one together since they were dateless!  My dad and uncle judged them and sadly Me and Jason took third. I love this time of year and spending time with family and friends.

The couples houses

Mine and Jason's

Austin and Clints sad!

mom and aunt sue trying to win bingo

Clint  won big and Chels thought he needed to share

This is there idea of a party

And I cant forget about Ace and his Christmas sweater

Monday, December 13, 2010

House Update!

We have moved in! We still have some little things to work on and I am still cleaning dust and feel like  I will be everyday for the next Month, but we are finally starting to get settled and put everything away. Here are some after pictures, we still dont have any decorations hung up, mainly because I dont have much and cant wait to decorate (pictures are a little dark our camera is almost broken for good )

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Santa Came early!

I came home to find our very small Christmas Tree (one that we bought while dating) set up and plugged in and under neath it was.....

This little Guy! Notice the bow.. That was Jason wrapping him!

We named him Ace and we love him... He on the other hand does not know what to think of us.  He is really scared right now and I will call him to come to me and he will just run the other way and hide under something or in a corner. Its sad but once he gets use to us and our home  I am sure Ace will love us! Oh and dont mind our dirty floor in the picture we are still in the process of getting settled and dust is everywhere from the re modeling.

Me and Ace

I have such a thoughtful Husband. We decided not to buy each other anything for Christmas this year since we just bought a house and re modeld it. He says this doesn't count because he sold one of his guns to buy me a puppy. I love him!  Another thing most people know about me is that it is very hard to surprise me. I snoop and try and figure everything out. I seriously had NO idea I would be getting a puppy Jason Surprised me good!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tis the Season....


I was so excited when I saw egg nog at the store last night. So I bought some and brought it home so excited to show Jason and to have some! Jason said eww sick.... WHAT? who doesnt like egg nog?! Growing up we always mixed it with Sprite and I love it! I guess that means more for me :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

House Update

Its been 2 weeks since we have started working on our house. I cant believe how much we have gotten done and how different it already looks. The first day i was so overwhelmed I cried and thought what have we gotten ourselves into! Its coming along and we have one more week before we have to move in so hopefully we can get most of it done!  We have had lots of help form our families and really appreciate it. Here are some Before pictures . After pictures to come once its finished :)

Side entrance


Another view in the kitchen

Hall way

built in cabinets and drawers in the Hall way


Dinning room

Living room (no thats not our couch)

Living room

This is the upstairs, we havent even thought about starting on the downstairs

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good Bye Orchard Lane!!

We are so excited to finally get out of our Apartment! Since we have been here we have gone through 5 apartment managers, nasty notes left on our car, leaks in our ceiling, A dishwasher that doesn't work, No hot water, getting ripped off, telling us that we only have to put a 30 day notice in when were moving out and then when we put our 30 day notice in, they came back and said we have to put a 60 day notice in. We can honestly say that the only thing we will miss is our Ward.

Jason and I have been looking for a house since we got engaged. It definitely has not been easy, and we disagreed on almost every house. Jason is  a handy man and so we thought we would find a fixer upper... Well the first house Jason took me through I literally stood in the kitchen and cried. It was so nasty and needed so much work. I thought it was awful and Jason thought it was perfect! We put an offer in any way and luckily we didn't get it! After looking for over a year we finally found a house that we agreed on!
Its definitely not my dream home, but its a perfect home for us right now! It has been kept pretty clean for how old it is and is just a little outdated so we will be going in and redoing a lot of it before we move in. We are going to be busy these next few weeks but are so excited to finally have a place of our own.

Here is our first home!

(Before and after pictures to come)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Up to No good!

My mom turned 50 on 10-1! Me and my sister decided it would be fun to decorate her house at night so she would wake up to it in the morning. We bought tons of black Balloons, black Crate paper, and made two Banners that said Jenny is 50! we also bought poster boards and wrote Jenny is 50 on them and hung them up on several different streets that lead to her house. We got down to her house at about 11:30 at night when they were all alseep. It was so Dark so we wore head lamps. When Cars would drive buy we would try and cover the lights or duck, We had a feeling that someone was going to call the cops on us as it looked like we were up to no good and toilet papering. Lucky for us no cops came! It was fun and she was suprised. Luckily she has a good sense of humor!  Happy Birthday Mom We love you!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

When the boys are away us girls know how to play!

First off I have to say that I love conference weekend. I love listening to all the talks its so relaxing. I also love Preisthood. While I do miss my Husband while he is at the preisthood sessions Us girls always go out and have fun! This year we went out to PF Changs, and then went to Gardner Village. It was fun to see all the Witches and look through the stores. We stopped at Tai pan on the way home, and  it was insane! I guess it was lady's night, they were doing drawings and I have never seen so many ladies in my life.

I look just like the witch

This was my moms purchase, it is such a cute candle Holder!

This is my purchase! I thought this necklace was so cute.