Sunday, November 21, 2010

House Update

Its been 2 weeks since we have started working on our house. I cant believe how much we have gotten done and how different it already looks. The first day i was so overwhelmed I cried and thought what have we gotten ourselves into! Its coming along and we have one more week before we have to move in so hopefully we can get most of it done!  We have had lots of help form our families and really appreciate it. Here are some Before pictures . After pictures to come once its finished :)

Side entrance


Another view in the kitchen

Hall way

built in cabinets and drawers in the Hall way


Dinning room

Living room (no thats not our couch)

Living room

This is the upstairs, we havent even thought about starting on the downstairs

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good Bye Orchard Lane!!

We are so excited to finally get out of our Apartment! Since we have been here we have gone through 5 apartment managers, nasty notes left on our car, leaks in our ceiling, A dishwasher that doesn't work, No hot water, getting ripped off, telling us that we only have to put a 30 day notice in when were moving out and then when we put our 30 day notice in, they came back and said we have to put a 60 day notice in. We can honestly say that the only thing we will miss is our Ward.

Jason and I have been looking for a house since we got engaged. It definitely has not been easy, and we disagreed on almost every house. Jason is  a handy man and so we thought we would find a fixer upper... Well the first house Jason took me through I literally stood in the kitchen and cried. It was so nasty and needed so much work. I thought it was awful and Jason thought it was perfect! We put an offer in any way and luckily we didn't get it! After looking for over a year we finally found a house that we agreed on!
Its definitely not my dream home, but its a perfect home for us right now! It has been kept pretty clean for how old it is and is just a little outdated so we will be going in and redoing a lot of it before we move in. We are going to be busy these next few weeks but are so excited to finally have a place of our own.

Here is our first home!

(Before and after pictures to come)