Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Me vs the stairs

Do you ever have one of those days where you dont want to get out of bed and then through out the day you realize you really should have just stayed in bed?! My husband thinks I am a little Dramatic but this morning my alarm went off at 5:20 like usual I pushed snooze one to many times to the point where I was now running late. I have a routine every morning where I shower then put sweats on and finish getting ready, Then I run outside and start my car and come back and get dressed. Well this morning  I let the dog out and was looking for shoes that I could hurrry and put on to go start my car. The only ones that were by the door were Jason's big cluncky skater shoes so I put them on and took one step outside on our porch and ate it down the stairs. They were so Icey that I didnt even stand a chance of making it down them without falling!! It hurt so bad and I swear I had to of  broken a bone, so after  crying a "little" bit and trying to get up I see Jason half a sleep darting out of the bedroom in his G's. The conversation went something like this.

Jason- What happend, Where is the dog?
Me-I ate it down the stairs
Jason- oh... by the way you were Screaming/Crying I thought for sure The dog got hit by a car or something
Me- Showing him all my battle wounds, and I tell him "you didnt put Salt on the ice" (I had to blame the embarassing moment on someone right?)
Jason- use the railing!
Me-Crying trying to get dressed limping around the house (ok so I may be a little dramatic but I swear I cracked the stair thats how hard I hit!)  Pulled out a white shirt to put on and Jason goes you already have one of those on.. I proceed to tell him its a SHIRT not my G's. Jason trying to be helpful notices my finger is bleeding and tells me it will feel better if I pull that skin off. Wrong! not to mention it got blood on my shirt.

I finally made it to my car and cried the whole way to work. Im not sure if it was because my butt hurt so bad, or my pride kicking in. I just hope no one saw my little slip down the stairs.

I know this is kind of a stupid blog post but I find myself  replaying it in my head and laughing at it. I think it is so funny that I blamed Jason for not putting salt on the stairs, and that he darted out of bed so fast when he heard me cry, or as he says Scream thinking the dog got hit by a car or something serious happend.

The stairs definetly won this morning as I  have bruises on my hand, arm, legg, and butt! I thought what a great start to the day but luckily it hasnt been that bad of a day!

Lets bring on Spring no more snow please!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Its A Good thing

 Avery had a Birthday!!

So that we could go to Chuckey Cheese!

We were so excited!

We all Played

Concentrating so hard

He Watched our stuff so we could all go spend the tokens.
Such a good dad!

Happy Birthday Avery!! We all had just as much fun as she did,  Its nice to be a "kid" every once in a while!