Saturday, September 11, 2010

Busy Saturday

Every year we go to Peach Days. This has been a tradition of ours for as long as I can remember. My Grandparents live in Brigham and my mom grew up there so ever since we were little we have always gone to peach days. I use to get so excited to go to the parade and the carnival and go on all the rides over and over again. Now I still love the parade but instead of all the rides I like walking through the booths its kind of like a minni Swiss days! Jason has yet to make it to Peach days because of work, but I Insist that he comes next year!

This is not a cute picture of me at all.. But we are both grown girls and you would think we could be a little more mature. Chelsea called Shut gun, and I called Battle and were both so stubborn that neither one of us would give in, we both wrode to Peach Days from my Grandmas house in the front seat, there was a whole empty back seat, but Chelsea just wanted to be next to me because I am so cool!!

After Peach days we rushed to my parents house to see my Little Brother go to Homecoming. I was a little disappointed when he said I couldnt follow him and take pictures!! He was a good sport and let us take some pictures of him, but I didnt get any of him and his cute date.  I guess I am old fashion and thought you wore dress shoes to dances, but I guess I am wrong, His whole group wore Vans to match there dates dresses, Luckily Austins date wore a black and white dress.