Tuesday, August 21, 2012

9 Months!

I cant believe my baby is 9 months old! 

At 9 Months old Taylee...

Loves food
crawls and pulls herself up on furniture
Sleeps through the night (finally)
gives kisses
loves exploring! She would rather play with a piece of string or a leaf that she finds rather then her toys. 
loves bath time and the pool
she doesn't have any teeth yet.
says mama and dada, but does not put the words with me and Jason
doesn't like to take naps
loves to play with the dog
loves other kids
can have a ponytail or pig tails
gets so excited when her dad comes home from work
is not one to cuddle
loves books
She weighs 20lbs-80%
and is 29 inches long- 94%

We love you Taylee! 

Elder Waddoups

Austin left for his mission on July 5th. We went to my parents and ate a big breakfast.  We were going to go to the temple and take some pictures but it was pouring rain, so we took a few at my parents house and headed to the MTC.

Its bittersweet ! I am already counting the days down!  He has been in Pittsburgh for about a month now and is doing awesome! He sent us some pictures from the MTC, but were now dying to see some from Pittsburgh!

This is a classic Austin face!

He got so many packages in the MTC that it attracted mice!

This is his district

Were so proud of him for choosing to serve a mission! I miss him like crazy but know that he is doing the right thing!