Monday, May 16, 2011

The Babe!

Yes Were Pregnant and so excited! Baby Erickson is due November 26 2011 and we cant wait!! Jason calls it a him or he, and is positive it is a boy, i guess we will find out! I really dont care if its a boy or a girl as long as the babe is healthy! I am just happy to be prego! After what the Dr called a chemical pregnancy last summer I knew I wanted to be pregnant and was ready for it. Once I went off the pill I was in constant pain all the time, the Dr told me It was probably endometriosis and that we should try and get pregnante but it didn't look so good... I went home and did my research and found Dr Arrington who specializes in endometriosis i knew i needed to switch Dr's, so after Talking to Dr Arrington we decided not to wait and just to do the surgery to remove it. I did have endometriosis and the Surgery was a success. I couldn't believe how much better I felt and a short time after Here we are!
This is our baby at  8 weeks! we got to see and hear the heart beat. So amazing!

This is our baby at 12 weeks! I cant believe how much the baby has changed and grown! It was moving all over the place, I couldn't feel it but it was cool to see. It also was waiving!

The first picture is just a side shot you can see its leg, it almost looks like it is squished in there!

The second picture is when the baby was waiving

The third picture is a shot of its leg.

We got a lot of pictures at this last appointment, and its so fun to see!

Its so hard to picture what are kids are going to look like! We were total opposites!


And Jason

So far if its a boy we like the names Korver and Bronson and if its a girl we like Reese, Taylee, and Blakelee (not sure of the spelling) These could very easily change but these are on the top of the list for now!

We love you Baby Erickson!!