Thursday, August 11, 2011

Project Nursery

We decided we better get started on Baby Taylee's nursery! I have no theme and no clue really what I am doing! Luckily I have talent in the family so I love hearing there Ideas and really owe a huge thanks to my Mom and Sister for all there help so far.

This is Taylee's room when we bought our house. A Huge Mess. Tearing down the wall paper was probably the worse part, and we could not get all the glue of the wall. My Mom and sister came over while me and Jason were gone for our anniversary and they texturized the wall and painted it and it looks so good! You cant even tell there was wall paper glue all over it!

I had a bigger dresser that is identical to this, I just didnt take a picture of it before we painted it.

Its kind of hard to tell in the pictures but we painted it an Ivory and then glazed it and added the designes in the middle of the drawer. We still need to buy the rest of the Knobs and put them on, I was just waiting until they went on sale! I really like how it turned out!

See that ugly light that was in our dining room, it has to be as old as the house and We have wanted to throw it out but just havent gotten around to it! I am glad we didnt throw it out because we took it down and spray painted it and it looks so cute now! this will be going in her Nursery as well.

My parents bought us this Pottery Barn Glider from Down East that I love

It didnt come with the Cushions so we figured we would just get on Pottery Barn and order some. Wrong! They want $300.00 just for cushions that is more then the chair cost, so one of the next projects will be to make the cushions, I should say my mom will probably be making most of the cushions because I havent used a sewing Machine since Jr High when I had to make a pillow case for a class, but hopefully I can learn again!

Thats all for now!  I am excited to get everything put together and for more projects for her room! I go in her room all the time and just sit in the chair and it makes me so excited that she will be here in a few months!