Monday, May 24, 2010

Were Boring!

These past few weeks we havent been up to much! I feel like were Boring at the moment but there are so many things coming up that we are looking forward to and work is keeping us pretty busy!

-The Bachelorette
-Meeting Our new niece Baby Bella
-Our California Trip
-Celebrating our 1st Anniversy
-Finding and Purchasing a house (we just have to agree on one!)
-June 30th ( Team Jacob!)
-Family and friend time
-4th of July
-Warm weather
-Cherry Hill (My sister and sis in law both have passes so hopefully they let me tag along!)

AH!! I can wait for all these things.

Yesterday was My sister in law Ashleys Birthday! We went to milcreek canyon and ate tin foil dinners. It was alot of  fun but was cut short because of the rain!

Happy Birthday Ash we love you!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Its Official!

Matt and Cami got Married on Friday! The day was Perfect and we are so Happy for them!! I didn't bring a Camera but luckily my sis in law got some cute pics!