Sunday, February 13, 2011

One of my Favorite things

I am loving this weather! Today after Church we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and go on a walk. I love taking walks with Jason.  Ace has never been on a leash before and at first he was freaking out and we had to pull him. He is getting the hang of it, and I hope this good weather sticks around!

Ace really did not want to walk- We pulled him most of the way

Monday, February 7, 2011


Most of our Friday Nights are spent supporting my little brother and going to his Basketball games. It is actually really fun and its so funny to see what chants, props, posters the fans come up with. His team is doing really good and they have only lost one game.

Superbowl sunday is always a success. I love all the food and always eat more then I should. This year we went to my parents they had Chili dogs, Chick Filea nuggets, relish tray, shrimp, CPK pizza, chips and dips, cheesecake, and so much more. While the boys watched the game the girls worked on some crafts. My sister made a really cute pillow and I made canvas pictures .

I have had my eye on a Table for about a month. I decided not to get it and to continue to look around. I just never found one that I loved. So I went and bought the first one that I really liked. For those of you who havent been to Osmmond Design you really need to go! It is amazing. When I went to get my table I found a couch and a chair that I love. I know I dont need it right now but I cant stop thinking about how cute it would look in my house.. This store is amazing! I still need to find some different stuff to put on the table but I needed to decorate it the second I brought it home so this is it for now.

Thats about all that is going on in the Erickson home! We are both busy with work and still doing little projects around the house. Its finally starting to look and feel like a home, I hated all the mess from the remodel!