Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Big 24!!

Thanks to everyone for such a great Birthday!! Sunday we went to my parents house for a yummy dinner! Jason had made a cake to bring along, so after dinner we ate that and it was way good! I could never make a cake like that and this is the second year he has made it for me(with the help of his brother Ty) Jason sure did spoil me and managed to surprise me! I usually try and figure every thing out before hand so i have no surprises but he got me this year! Tuesday I woke up to Breakfast in bed, some super cute shoes, and a Jacket all from Jason. Love them!! Later that day I went to lunch with Brooke. After lunch I did some shopping with my mom and my sister joined us later. When I got home There were some flowers, balloons a card and a piece of paper that said Go Fish on the counter!! I was on the phone so Ididn't really notice the paper that said Go fish.. I looked up and next to the balloon was a huge spider web (or at least that's what i thought it was) as i pulled it to get it down i noticed that it was moving my kitchen chair.. I was really confused at this point when i looked at the Go fish Paper again. On the paper was a card with fishing line on it. I began to follow the fishing line. Jason did not want to make this easy on me at all he strung it through every room through my closet through the shower curtain etc. It took me probably 20-30 minutes to find the end of the fishing line which ended up being in our outside storage unit! In the bag was $150 1 dollar bills each wrapped separately! I was super excited and surprised! Then Jason came home with dinner and my favorite ice cream from Nelsons. I wanted to stay home that night because I am obsessed with the biggest loser and had to watch It! Tonight we are going to dinner with his cute family I cant wait! I had a wonderful Birthday and am so glad my husband is so thoughtful and creative. I love him!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Brad Paisley

I came home from work one day and sitting on the counter were my cow boy boots with tissue paper hanging out. Jason had bought me a Brad Paisley ticket for my Birthday and put it in my boot with a note. I was so excited because I absolutely love Brad Paisley! It was a way good concert and I had a lot of fun! I will definitely go to another one of his concerts! My sister in law was kind enough to let me tag along with her and her friends. Thanks Jason!!

Bear Lake

My Sister in law invited us to go up to their cabin for one last boating trip! We went up Friday night and played games. Even though me and Jason did not win it was still a lot of fun! Saturday we spent the day at the lake. Those who got in the water are troopers it was freezing! We had a lot of fun and were glad to get one more boating trip in

Cute Caprice

mad air!

Jason getting ready to surf

Ty Messing around-butt surfing??

Jason skipping a rock.. so cool :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day weekend!

I am a fan of Labor Day weekend! I love long weekends and think that every Monday should be Labor Day! This weekend I went up to Park City with the girls. We went to the outlets and then to swiss days! I loved swiss days this year because i finally have my own place to decorate! There were so many cute things and I love all the things i got!!
Monday Jason went to work , and so me, my sister and my niece Avery went swimming! It was so fun to watch Avery swim and how much she loves it! She is so cute! I seriously have the cutest niece and nephew ever! I dont have very many pictures due to no camera right now! but hopefully i will get a new one soon!!

Cute Avery

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Worse Game Ever!

My Brother plays on a Basketball comp team, and i must say they are pretty good. The majority of them play for AF Basketball. There comp team coach decided to put them in a "mens" league so they could get some more expierence. I decided I would go watch the game since I had to get some stuff from my parents house. I got to open court at about 6:50. After a good game my Brothers team (15 year olds) beat the older boys by quite a bit. As we were walking outside, mind you it is 8:00 at this time.. My parents left and i sat outside and talked to my brother for a bit. My brother then decided to go back inside and watch his coach play. I got in my car and when i looked in the passenger seat I saw someting... at first i was like what is this!! then i realized it was shattered glass... My first thought was some one hit my car but then i realized someone had smashed my window in and stolen my purse. I started freaking out right away.... My mom had gotten all my personal information together such as my birthcertificate, pass port, car title, marriage licenense and gave them to me. I stuck those items in my purse and decided to just put it on the ground in my car and not take it in to the game. So when i realized that someone had taken my purse you could imagine why i was freaking out. I called 911 cause i did not know how to get the cops, they said they would send the cops out. As i tried to call Jason my phone stoped working so i ran in and got my brother (luckily he stayed) he gave me his phone and came outside with me. He was almost just as mad as me! I then called my parents to tell them what had happened and to ask what to do. My purse had my bank statment, Camera, $200.00, $200.00 worth of gift cards from our wedding, thank you cards i had written, and all my personal informtion. Lets just say it was a rough night, after making a police report and canceling my bank cards, and freezing my credit i went home. It literally had made me physically sick that someone has all that information about me. This morning me and Jason woke up bright and early to take care of everything else. I go to get a new drivers license and when i get there i came up with a great idea! I would change my name now, so i told the lady that i only had the temple wedding certificate and she said ok thats fine. Come to find out they have to have the original as i proceed to tell them that the original was stolen they still wont let me change my name. I am now frustrated so i tell them just to print it in my maiden name then, so she does and proceeds to tell me that it is $18.00..... Um i just got done telling you My purse got stolen so I have no money to pay for it! I ask her if she would take a Credit card over the phone she said NO... so Jason came down and paid for it. After a long morning of getting everything taken care of i got a phone call from America First, They called to inform me that a lady had called in and found 3 of my cards and gave me her number. So i call her back and she tells me that they were on there way to Lake Powell when they had to fix something on the boat so they pull over on the free way in Lehi, and on the side of the rode she sees 3 of my cards. After thanking her for being HONEST i call my mom and tell her where she found them. My mom had been up since 4 am this morning looking in dumpsters and trying to find it ( she was as worried as me). She then called me from the side of the free way in lehi and told me she had found a few of my store punch cards, she then tells me she is going to keep going south to see if she can find anything else. I am so greatful that there are still some honest people in the world today and for all the help our famileies have been.. I am still worried sick about this and hope that carma comes around and this person who did this gets what they deserve. I really hope to catch them but i know that is not likely! I really didnt think anyone would do this, after last night i will definatley be more cautious...