Sunday, January 6, 2013

Taylee Things

I have so many random pictures from the last few months of 2012 of miss Taylee and I know I am going to want to remember them and what she is doing at this age. She grows and changes so much every day.

She loves books and reads them several times a day!

Loves bath time! Santa brought her some bath bubbles and she does NOT like those. We will try again in a few months.

Dancing with her Daddy at the barn dance!

Decorating the Christmas tree. I was worried she would constantly be into the tree, but she only touched the lights a couple of times. She would rather get into the presents!

Giving her dog loves. She loves Ace she chases him around, steels his toys, plays tug a wore , Chases him around with his leash and says "sit". She loves him so much that Ace was one of the first words she said. She just forgets the A so she calls him sssss.

We went to the live nativity scene in American Fork. She refuses to leave gloves,mittens, or socks on her hands.

we went to the little village of lights in Ogden. She loved running around, but again would not keep anything on her hands so we didn't last to long. She also wont keep socks on.

Her knew thing is to sit in the laundry basket. She will sit in there for quite a while, and if you take her out before she is ready she will let you know that she is mad.

Grandma took the girls to build a bear and they made reindeer.

She loves putting things on her head. She wont leave headbands on but she will put them on and off herself.

We sure do love this girl!
Some other things she does at 14 months (well almost 14 months)

Walks/runs everywhere
Sleeps 11-12 hours at night (unless teething)
Loves her bink
Does not like milk
Loves pretty much all food
Waves hi and bye
folds her arms when you tell her to or you say lets say prayers
Knows where her nose is.
If you ask her what the cow says she says mmmmmm
says sit, mamma, dadda, eye, ace (ssss) whats that, no
dances anytime my phone rings or if she hears music
You ask her to jump and she squats up and down
loves patty cake and her favorite part is throw it in the oven
gives high fives
Gives a loud high pitch squeal when she hears Jason come home from work. Daddy's girl for sure!


  1. Love the pic when she is cuddling Ace. I also love her little piggies poking out of the clothes basket and her silly face in the last pic with her headband! What a cutie pie!!