Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ice Cream Birthday Party!

We had an Ice Cream Party for Miss Taylee.  

My cute sister in law made her invites. 

My mom made the adorable table cloth

Some of the toppings and root beer for root beer floats.

Jason cut out a wood #1 and then I covered it with sprinkles.

My mom had this yellow frame and it worked perfect for her party.

The favors!

I used chalk board markers which I like a lot better then chalk!

The birthday girls spot!

Taylee and Grandma. 

Her new toy!

present time!

I love her face! We all started singing to
her and she was not sure what was going on

She didn't like the frosting on her hands
but she did like it once she got to the cake!

Maybe a little too much cake!

Thanks for everyone who came to help celebrate her special day. We sure do love this little girl!  


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLEE!!! You are every bit of darling there is to be!!!!

  2. But seriously what am I doing in the background of one of her pics??? haha that's awesome!