Monday, March 25, 2013

16 months

My baby is growing way to fast! I sit and watch her play and interact with other kids and Just the other day it clicked that my baby is not so much a baby anymore and is more like a little girl! We just adore her! 
At 16 months Taylee
Loves the bath
weight 24lbs- 70%
height 32 inches- 95%
Sleeps through the night
Says a handful of words. "Whats that" is the one we hear most
Is a really good eater and will eat pretty much anything
walks, runs, and Jumps
Loves to climb
Still loves her binks
Loves animals and gets so excited anytime she sees a dog
Loves to swim
Loves to be outside
Has discovered her belly button and shows it off several times a day
Tells our dog to "sit" and chases him around with the leash
gives fives and knuckles
Has been known to throw a tantrum or two
Has become very independent and wants to do everything herself
Loves to get into everything
busy, busy, busy!

I could hear her and I thought she was just moving her chair but when I turned the corner she was on the table.  This was the beginning of her climbing obsession!

Loves her binks! Hopefully we can say goodbye to them this summer!

Happy Valentines day!

We have made several trips to the Bountiful Rec center to swim and She loves it!

Loves playing with her cousins

Loves her Daddy!

This picture kills me! We went to Chucky Cheese and she loves the rides.

She loves her Giraffe! I love how she has her arm around it. so sweet. 

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